May 10, 2001
Monogamy may be the RULE, but it sure isn't the PRACTICE - not even for animals.   Using the latest in DNA technology, biologists can trace the parentage of various species with certainty. Turns out that cheating on the mate is common - for BOTH sexes! 

In recent years banks have wanted customers to use automated teller machines, but now that trend is swinging around. Calmetta Coleman, writer at the Wall Street Journal, talks with Todd about revived customer service at bank branches.  She discusses their remodeled atmosphere, including adding coffee shops, and what what they hope to accomplish.

Laura Kreiss, picture researcher, talks with Todd about the National Museum of American History's exhibit "The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden", and how she found pictures of American presidents for the exhibit. She discusses locating the pictures and where she found them.

A group at the University of Miami Library has collected artifacts about Cuban life before Fidel Castro's rule. Esperanza de Varona talks with Todd about the popularity of the collection, especially the last Cuban phone book published before pre-Communist Cuba. She discuss how descendents can look up past relatives, and think about what Cuba was like.

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