May 07, 2003

Traffic gridlock is one of the most annoying aspects about driving. In some cities, gridlock can stop traffic for several hours a day. Todd talks with author Jim Motavalli about the problem of traffic gridlock and how we can solve the problem. Motavalli's book is called "Breaking Gridlock: Moving Toward Transportation That Works."

New research shows that arctic polar bears are slowly being poisoned by industrial chemicals. Todd talks with scientist Andy Derocher who has been monitoring the health of the polar bears. They discuss what chemicals are harming the bears, how they got there and the dangers of testing polar bears. Derocher is a scientist at the University of Alberta.

The symphonies, concertos, ballets and operas of Tchaikovsky have been performed around the world. Yet he wrote 103 "romances" or songs, that are among his most popular works in Russia, yet barely recognized in most other parts of the world. Todd talks with author Richard Sylvester about these obscure works, why they are so popular in Russia and why he wrote so many. Sylvester's book is called "Tchaikovsky's Complete Songs".