May 5, 2003

Todd is joined by journalist Daniel Fisher to talk about how oil companies make deals with oil producing companies. The discuss how business is conducted, what compromises are made and how corruption is sometimes a feature when securing drilling rights. Fisher is a journalist for Forbes Magazine.

James Dexter was a free African American living in a small house in Philadelphia in the 1700s. Now the site is being preserved as a historically important example of early African American history. Todd talks with Jed Levin, one of the archeologists involved with the excavation and asks about some of the discoveries made during the dig. Levin is an archeologist for the National Park Service.

Patrick Ball's job is Deputy Director of the Science and Human Rights Program at the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He designs software that turns information on human rights abuses into databases that can be used worldwide. Ball talks about his job with Todd and the dangers of exposing human rights abusers.