May 4, 2001
White House reporter Helen Thomas starts each morning deciding what she's upset about. THAT'S how she chooses who to cover that day.  She says, "everybody needs an adversary".  She's needled every president since JFK, asking the gutsy questions that no one else will . . . and DEMANDING answers, on the next Todd Mundt Show, we'll turn the tables, with Helen Thomas in the hot seat.

Joe Brancatelli is travel advisor for "The Todd Mundt Show" and "".  He returns to the show to talk with Todd about the recent airline contract negotiations. He talks about the ones that have been settled, what to expect of the ones that are pending, and how travelers will be affected.  He discusses United Airlines' problems, CEO Herb Kelleher's departure from Southwest Airlines, and the latest studies about airline delays.  He talks about the anti-trust problems for American and United.

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