May 3, 2001
One thing that sets NPR apart from typical broadcast media is the blatant and irresponsible lack of commercials! We'll fix that on the next Todd Mundt Show.  Colleen Szot writes direct response ads for TV, and she's one of the best in the business. Nordic Track, Body Max, the Miracle Ear, George Foreman's grill - SOMEbody's buying them, and Ms. Szot tells us why.

A mother horse's nurturing could influence how a foal handles stress like moving to a new stable, or learning 
to wear a saddle. Adroaldo Zanella, from Michigan State University's Department of Animal Science, talks with Todd about their research on how how a horse's motherly love affects foals, and what they discovered from observing mother horses and their young.

National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" news program is thirty years old today. It's first executive producer, Bill Siemering, talks with Todd about the program and what they were trying to do. He tells Todd about his involvement in NPR, and how he started in the profession.

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