May 2, 2001
23 hours a day in a box no bigger than an office cubicle. Try that for the rest of your life.  That's "super-max" in today's American prison system, which, despite the recent frenzy of expansion, hasn't changed much since the 1860's.  Joseph Hallinan went up the river to explore our prison nation, and he'll tell us what he saw.  His book, "Going Up the River: Travels in a Prison Nation", documents his research about prisons and life inside them.

"The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation" cares for racehorses after their career, and some are brought to prisons to interact with prisoners.  Diana Pikulski, executive director at the Foundation, talks with Todd about how the program helps prisoners rehabilitate, and is a good way to save horses.

Journalist Mark Moran talks with Todd about jail mail. He talks about his interviews with a woman who wrote letters to her friend from jail. He discusses what the correspondence reveals about her life, conviction, and experiences. She was repeatedly found guilty of drunken driving.  Moran is a reporter at KJZZ in Phoenix, Arizona.

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