April 29, 2003

Radio Broadcasting in the United States began in 1920. By the 1930's, radio was popular, commercialized and important to the life of the nation, playing a key role in mass communications. Todd talks with author Edward Miller about radio in the 1930s and the industry it created. They discuss the birth of emergency broadcasting and why 1930s radio had more cultural influence than any other decade. Miller's book is called "Emergency Broadcasting and 1930s American Radio".

An image of a god or goddess with a fanged mouth and clawed feet may be the oldest religious icon in the Americas. According to archeologists, it pushes back the dawn of religion in the area by nearly 1,000 years. Todd talks with Jonathon Haas about the discovery. Haas is the curator of North American anthropology at The Field Museum in Chicago.

Bob Love grew up in poverty and suffered from severe stuttering for most of his life, yet he became one of the most successful basketball players in the world. However a back injury during the height of his career almost ruined him. Todd talks with Love about his life, his successes and how he fought back when he hit rock bottom. Love's book is called "The Bob Love Story: If it's Gonna Be Me, It's Up to Me".