April 27, 2001
Alan Wolfe, director of the Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life, tells Todd about his survey of Americans and what he found out about our definitions of virtue, morality, and freedom.  He talks about the differences in people living across the country.  His book is "Moral Freedom:  The Search For Virtue In A World Of Choice".

April 28 is National Smell Day. Avery Gilbert talks with Todd about how this sense affects our mood every day, but is often overlooked.  Gilbert is the President of the Sense of Smell Institute, and tells Todd about the organization, and their research about how smells influence us and affect us.

Just a few years ago, Russell Watson earned his living as a lathe operator.  On the side he played guitar and sang at local pubs, covering tunes by the Beatles and Meatloaf. That all changed when he took a crack at singing opera. The self-taught 28-year-old is now one of the newest star tenors. You'll hear him on today's show.  His new album is called "The Voice".

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