April 26, 2001
Travel writer Paul Theroux has a new book of essays about the many places he's been.  We'll talk with him about everything from getting thrown out of the Peace Corps to what do to when he forgets his toothbrush.  His book of essays is "Fresh Air Fiend: Travel Writings".

Lori Benson, Crunch Fitness Instructor, talks with Todd about cycle karaoke. She talks about the health benefits and enjoyment of this kind of exercise, and how it works to keep gym-goers motivated.

Adam Clymer, Washington correspondent for the "New York Times", talks with Todd about the life of Edward "Teddy" Kennedy. He talks about how the legacy of Kennedy's family affected him, his work in Civil Rights, and his life in politics.  He describes how issues within the Kennedy family affected elections. Clymer's book is "Edward M. Kennedy: A Biography".

Website of the Day:  The Wall Street Journal's Personal Technology columnist Walter Mossberg has released his latest guide to buying a new PC. Check out what he has to say.

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