April 20, 2001
A strong female lead in a Hollywood film is about as rare as a crouching tiger, or a hidden dragon. Why is that? Is it changing? Todd talks with Jeff Ryder, Film and Television professor at the University for the Arts, about how women are portrayed in Hollywood, how women's roles are changing, and what's might happen in the future.

The navigation system in newer cars and trucks gives driving directions, weather, and restaurant information. The voice tracks are recorded by actors, says Paula Skokowski, vice president of marketing for General Magic. Her company finds and records voices fit for different types of cars. She talks about deciding how the voices should sound and what they should say.

Todd talks with film reviewer Tim Dugdale about the films " Tailor of Panama", and "Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles". Dugdale is the film reviewer for "The Todd Mundt Show" and the "Detroit Metro Times".

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