April 19, 2001
  In the year 2000 Lynn Slotkin, student affairs officer of the University of Toronto geology department saw 235 plays. She reviewed them all in her monthly newsletter, the Slotkin Letter, which she’s been publishing since 1975 for an elite audience of about 100. Lynn Slotkin talks with Todd, on today's program.  You can reach her at slotkin@attglobal.net.

People with a shortage of the brain chemical dopamine, responsible for pleasure, may be more likely to overeat. Gene-Jack Wang is a researcher at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York. He talks with Todd about dopamine and its affects on the body.

We shop for pleasure, necessity, and to pass the time. Author Rachel Bowlby talks with Todd about the history of consumerism, how supermarkets led the way to shopping malls, and the modern self-service superstore. She discusses how marketing affects us, and how we have all become consumers in various ways. Her book is "Carried Away: The Invention of Modern Shopping".

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