April 18, 2003

Anthropologist Stephen Beckerman joins Todd to discuss his research into the lives of the Bari tribe of Venezuela. He explains the Bari tribe's version of conception, and their twist on family values. Beckerman is an anthropologist from Pennsylvania State University.

Recent technology has provided the capability to expand the future of surveillance technology. While this type of technology can provide important insights for law enforcement and military intelligence, it can inhibit the future of privacy. Mark Monmonier joins Todd to discuss how geospatial technology works, what it can reveal, and who uses it. Monmonier is author of "Spying With Maps."

Aspiring stars tend to be more narcissistic than others, but "acquired situational narcissism" sets in after they've achieved success, says Robert Millman. He is a professor of psychiatry at Cornell Medical School, and tells Todd about our natural tendency to be narcissistic during early childhood, and how we grow out of it. He talks about how this trait affects stars' success.