April 18, 2001
You deposit your money in your hometown bank, within a few weeks that money could be loaned to a federal bank and within a few months it could be changing the life of a street vendor who sells dumplings on the other side of the world. Barbara Garson tracks her cash through the global economy, and talks with Todd about what she discovered.  Her book is "Money Makes the World Go Around:  One Investor Tracks Her Cash Through the Global Economy, from Brooklyn to Bangkok and Back".

The majority of the world uses the metric system.  The United States is the only large nation that doesn't. Environment and science columnist Michael Milstein talks with Todd about how only the American portion of the International Space Station is built in Imperial units, and the rest is in metric. He talks about the results if Americans decided to "go metric".

Private conservation could help the environment. Michael De Alessi is the president of the Center for Private Conservation, and talks with Todd about how entrepreneurs can help to save the future of the Earth. He discusses how government policy has benefited the environment, but how public and private organizations can work together to save the Earth.

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