April 17, 2001
Before Mount St. Helens erupted, a stubborn old man refused to vacate his nearby cabin, despite the warnings. He was subsequently killed. You'd think professional volcanologists would know better, but in 1993, Stanley Williams and ten of his colleagues were right on top of a Colombian volcano when it blew.  Six were killed instantly, but Williams survived, and he'll tell us his tale.  His book, "Surviving Galeras", explains the inner workings of hundreds of volcanoes around the world. 

John Kapelos, actor, talks with Todd about his acting career in Hollywood. He's appeared in more than 38 films and on television, and talks with Todd about juggling the life of writing and acting.  It takes longer to audition for a part than to complete the project, he says. He explains how a career in acting is an uphill battle, how the rewards outweigh the struggles, and his experiences as an actor and comedian.  See his website for more information.

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