April 15, 2003

Todd is joined by author David Kaplan to talk about Japan's mafia. Known as the "Yakuza" the group is over four times the size the American mafia and famous for their tattoos and severed fingertips. Todd asks about the history of the Yakuza and the role they play in Japanese culture. Kaplan's book is called "Yakuza: Japan's Criminal Underworld".

After winning the the International High IQ Society's online test, Andrew Nierman was deemed the "World's Smartest Man" by the administrators. Todd is joined by Nierman to discuss the test and how his life has changed since winning the title. Nierman is a doctoral student of computer science at the University of Michigan.

Todd talks with author James MacGregor Burns about how leadership shapes our world. They talk about the great leaders of our past who have transformed our world. They also discuss the leadership of George Bush and how "Transforming Leadership" could help us tackle some of our most pressing problems. Burns's new book is called "Transforming Leadership".