April 13, 2001
A magical bean was discovered in Arabia (now Yemen) in the Middle Ages and was used medicinally.  It's use spread from the middle east to the rest of the globe in 100 short years. And now it powers the WORLD!!  Science writer Bennet Alan Weinberg talks with Todd about the story of caffeine.  His book is "The World of Caffeine: The Science and Culture of the World's Most Popular Drug".

Research with fruit flies at the University of California may hold the key to longevity. Evolutionary Biologist Michael Rose talks with Todd about how he has doubled the lifespan of fruit flies, and how the technique might be applied to humans. He talks about the flies' vitality in their extended lives.

Music reviewer Kyle Munson joins Todd to talk about Daft Punk's sophomore album, "Discovery". He also talks about his top five list this for month, including John Hammond, "Wicked Grin"; Delbert McClinton, "Nothing Personal";  Bob Schneider, "Lonelyland"; Greg Trooper, "Straight Down Rain"; and Leonard Cohen, "Field Commander Cohen: Tour of 1979".  Munson is the music critic for "The Todd Mundt Show" and the "Des Moines Register".

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