April 12, 2001
Economics has been called the dismal science, but some take a more holistic approach to the study. Ravi Batra is one of them.  Based partly on the philosophy of eastern religions, Batra sees an economy that runs in grand cycles. He's predicted downturns before, and this latest one, too,  How right was he? We'll ask him on today's show For more information, check out his website.

The properties of water still elude us, as chemist Richard Saykally explains. He talks with Todd about how water behaves under different circumstances, how the structure of the liquid changes with alterations in temperature, and what we still need to learn about the unusual solvent.  Visit Saykally's website to learn more about his research.

Sister Molly Mohahen, a Roman Catholic Nun for nearly 30 years, turned to Alcoholics Anonymous for help after developing a problem with drinking. She talks with Todd about the lessons she learned from A.A., and how the group sessions helped lead her to recovery. Her book is "Seeds of Grace : A Nun's Reflections on the Spirituality of Alcoholics Anonymous".

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