April 11, 2003

Journalist David Sheff talks with Todd about the Chinese technology revolution. He talks about the influential people pushing for increased Internet use in China, and why the goverment promotes and censors the Net simultaneously. He and Todd discuss the Internet revolution that occured in America, and the social and economical factors that make the Chinese revolution more tumultuous. Sheff's book is "China Dawn: The Story of a Technology and Business Revolution".

Todd talks with Matthew Johnson, the head of Fat Possum Records, about finding and recording the last of the bluesmen from Mississippi. Johnson tells Todd about how he rounds up the old blues artists, the reaction of the music industry, and why he thinks there's a need for the recordings.

Mark Byington, the director of the Police Corps in Missouri, joins Todd to discuss the school and its mission. He tells Todd about the coursework, and why the students are encouraged to be involved in the community. He explains why cadets are schooled in ethics, and are better suited for positions in police departments when they graduate.

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