April 10, 2001
You just got a letter asking for a charitable donation. If it contained those little return address labels, the odds of you writing a check just doubled.  It's all part of the science of persuasion.  How do others manipulate YOU to do what THEY want?  An intelligent, discerning person like you would do well to listen to today's Todd Mundt Show and find out. Everyone ELSE is.  Psychologist Robert Cialdini talks about the science of persuasion continues.  He discusses the effects of favors and gifts, and the six basic factors regarding human behavior that influence what we do and what we believe.  For more information, check out www.influenceatwork.com.

Stuart Wilkinson has developed a robot he feeds to give it energy.  He tells Todd about "Chew Chew", a robot with a plastic stomach that breaks sugar cubes down into fuel to power its own battery. He talks about how his research may benefit farmers. Wilkinson is a roboticist at at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

An aquarium's design must mimic the depths of the ocean, create a functional space for fish, and a pleasant environment for the human visitors. Aquarist David Powell talks with Todd about the structure and design of major California aquariums, and how to keep fish alive and healthy within them. He tells Todd about how they gather fish and transport them to the aquarium. He documents his experiences with fish of many kinds in "A Fascination for Fish".

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