April 8, 2003

Today, the name Saddam Hussein is often associated with "despot", "tyrant" and "persecutor". But what else do we know of the personality of Saddam? Todd talks with author Jerrold Post about the mind of Saddam Hussein and what motivates and drives his dictatorial personality. Post is the author of "The Psychological Assessment of Political Leaders".

There are radiation detectors all over America but the locations are usually unknown. Todd talks with writer Charles Graeber about the placement of radiation detectors and why their location is so secretive. Graeber is a writer for "Wired Magazine".

Todd is joined by our music critic Jim Derogatis (Deh-roh-gah-tiss)to chat about anti-war music. They discuss some of the latest major pop tunes about war in Iraq and why musicians were slow to react musically to the events of 9/11. Some of the tunes they discuss are "The Final Straw" by REM; "To Washington" by John Mellencamp; "In a World Gone Mad" by The Beastie Boys and "March of Death" by Zack De La Rocha and DJ Shadow. Derogatis is the music critic for the Chicago-Sun Times."