April 7, 2003

Being alone is one of the greatest fears for most of us. But this fear does not exist for those of us who prefer to be alone. What is a "loner" and why are some of us so comfortable being just by ourselves? Todd talks with author Anneli Rufus about what it means to be a loner. Rufus's new book is called "Party of One: The Loner's Manifesto".

Old fashioned phrases and sayings have been a part of our speech patterns and conversations for centuries. But how did they orginate and why do we still use them today? Todd talks with author Richard Hoggart about our fondness for using ready-made sayings, why they are so common in our speech and how we started to use them in the first place. Hoggart's book is called "Everyday Language and Everyday Life".

Todd talks with musician Lila Downs, who is becoming one of the most influential "Latin music" artists today. They discuss the unique characteristics of her music, her career and her approach to cross-cultural music making. Her new album is "Border: La Linea".