April 4, 2003

Sir David Attenborough joins Todd to discuss his fifty years as a broadcaster. They discuss how he introduced wildlife to the public through the many television series and documentaries that he has written and hosted over the years. He tells Todd about his uncertain start at the BBC, which would lead to his career as Britain's beloved naturalist. Attenborough is author of "Life On Air."

Many killer whales eat seals, but Marine Biologist Volker Deecke believes that seals have a bit of defense. Deecke joins Todd to discuss seals, and why he believes that they have the ability to recognize the individual voices of killer whales, especially the ones who want to eat them. Deecke is from the University of British Columbia.

Todd talks with Peter Schwartz, co-founder and chair of Global Business Network. Schwartz, a futurist, is hired to imagine the future for movies and to help the Pentagon. He tells Todd about his work as a scenario builder, and how he goes about coming up with a vision of the future.