April 4, 2001
Graham Kerr entertained hundreds of millions of people as TV's Galloping Gourmet.  He's still on TV, and we'll talk with him about great food, and the terrible accident that changed his life forever. Graham Kerr, on today's show...

William Franklin has studied llamas for over 20 years and talks with Todd about using them to protect sheep and other farm animals from predators. Franklin, professor emeritus of animal ecology at
Iowa State University, explains how he first noticed the behavior in a llama in Argentina, and how they will kill coyotes trespassing on their pastures.

Roberto Olivardia, Clinical Fellow in Psychology at the Harvard Medical School, talks with Todd about what men think about their bodies. He explains how men have some of the same body image problems as women. He talks about steroid abuse, weightlifting compulsions, and eating disorders.  His book is "The Adonis Complex: The Secret Crisis of Male Body Obsession".

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