April 3, 2003

Our technology expert Heather Newman talks with Todd about satellite radio. They discuss satellite radio, the new home units, and the two services that are available. They also discuss the gaming industry, and how online gaming has grown in recent years. Heather Newman covers technology for the "Detroit Free Press."

Software designer Valdis Krebs joins Todd to discuss the new software he has created that gives computers the capability to organize spontaneous networks. Given the right data, his software, called InFlow, can follow natural and unplanned networks.

Todd talks to Dr. Richard Wrangham, Professor of Anthropology at Harvard. Wrangham tells Todd about the importance of preparing, cooking and sociable eating to the evolution of human beings. They discuss his theory, the arguments against it, and why he continues to believe in this cooking hypothesis.

Can the shape of a glass influence the flavor and chemistry of wine? Kari Russell of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville has measured and tested this possibility, and she joins Todd to discuss her findings.