April 3, 2001
After his wacky stint with the Monkees, Michael Nesmith decided to get serious about life. He decided to change the world. He now hosts the Council on Ideas:  a bi-annual summit of the world's top thinkers. Nesmith brings them together, locks them in a room, and instructs them to come out with a statement that will "change everything."  His group is called The Gihon Foundation.

Women have been riding motorcyles for well over 80 years, as Kim Barlag, editor of "Thunderpress North" explains. Barlag talks with Todd about the image of motorcyle-riders, the women who rode Harleys in the early 1900's, and why the image of motorcyles changed from "good" to "bad" in the 1940's.

Michael Schumacher, biographer, talks with Todd about the successes and failures of Francis Ford Coppola. He talks about Coppola's life, career, and background.  Schumacher describes how Coppola's personality affects his film style, and what he has done to fulfill his creative dreams. Schumacher talks about Coppola's impact on Hollywood, his critics, and films such as "The Godfather" and "Patton".  Schumacher's biography is "Francis Ford Coppola: A Filmmaker's Life."

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