April 2, 2001
When he was only five years old, Dale Wasserman's folks died and his family disintegrated. At 11 he ran away from his foster home, and by 14 he was riding the rails, a real-life hobo of the 1930's. Between then and now he's become a successful New York playwright and hangs out with people like Neil Simon. He'll fill in the details on today's show.

A new exhibit among museums targets what kids find most appealing. Called "Grossology", the show focuses on bodily functions, with life sized exhibits. Rob Lunde, Curator of Science World in Vancouver, talks with Todd about the display, which recently visited his museum.

Ted Lingle is the executive director of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.  He talks with Todd about the characteristics of different coffees, how the beans are roasted, and the popularity of the latte.

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