April 1, 2003

Today, Gin is one of the most popular libations in England. Yet 250 years ago in London the drink was considered a powerful drug responsible for the deaths of thousands of men, women and children. Todd talks with Patrick Dillon about the history of Gin and how the famous "Geneva Spirit" had such disastrous effects on ordinary people. They also talk about the similarities between the Gin epidemic of the late 18th century in London and today's contemporary drug wars. Dillon is the author of "Gin: The Much Lamented Death of Madam Geneva".

James Spence is a leading authenticator of sports memorabilia. He talks with Todd about signed baseballs and how the value has sky-rocketed. They also discuss the changes that have occurred in the world of collecting.

Are Americans losing their taste for unhealthy fast food? Todd talks with Dr Bonnie Knutson about the restaurant market in the US. They discuss how the popularity of restaurants like McDonald's is declining and how people seem to be willing to spend more money on slightly better food. Knutson is a Professor of the hospitality business program at Michigan State University.

April Fool's Day and other classic hoaxes