March 31, 2003

The "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" is a comic which brings together 19th century literary characters under the auspices of the British Secret Service. Todd talks with its creator Alan Moore about the comic, its success and how the idea for his comic orginated. They discuss his influences and how it has affected the comic book genre.

Todd chats with Esther Cohen, the founder of the "Unseen America Project" - a photography project which provides donated cameras to ordinary working Americans to capture moments of their lives. They discuss the project, how it works, what they hope to accomplish and its success so far. Cohen is the executive director of Bread and Roses

Todd talks with Susan Nolen-Hoeksema about thinking and overthinking a situation. She talks with Todd about how we've become a society of "overthinkers" and how this is particularly harmful to women. Nolen-Hoeksema is a professor of psychology at the University of Michigan and her book is "Women Who Think Too Much: How To Break Free of Over-Thinking and Reclaim Your Life".