March 26, 2001
Each year it accounts for 76 million illnesses, 324 thousand hospitalizations, and over 5000 deaths in the US alone. A vicious strain of flu? Surprise! It's food poisoning. Dr. Robert Tauxe of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says we can expect more surprises soon...

The "Marvelous Molecules" exhibit at the New York Hall of Science illustrates the similarities between all living things. The Director of the Hall of Science, Martin Weiss, talks with Todd about the many ways organizers are trying to make learning about science fun for all ages. He describes the special effects and designs of the most popular exhibits.

Lev Raphael, book reviewer for "The Todd Mundt Show" and the "Detroit Free Press", discusses "Founding Brothers: 
The Revolutionary Generation", by Joseph J. Ellis and the new books "Ex Libris" by Ross King, and "Eclipse" by John Banville. Check 'em out!

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