March 22, 2001
Researchers who worked on recording the human genome were assisted by a computer program called the "GigAssembler".  A graduate student at the University of California, James Kent, developed the software, which organizes and assembles the fragments of DNA into a readable sequence. Kent talks with Todd today about the "GigAssembler".

Simon and Garfunkle made a passing reference to Joe DiMaggio in a song, but Joe Louis was the subject of over FORTY known songs - more than any other athlete.  Rena Kosersky talks with Todd about the songs, and how she's worked for the past nine years to track the musical legacy of The Brown Bomber.

Kathryn Chaplow and Tyler Devereaux, interior designers, talk with Todd about in-home lighting. They discuss types
of lighting that are most functional in certain areas of the house.

Website of the Day: The new Mac OS X will be released this weekend. Wall Street Journal Personal Technology columnist Walter Mossberg offers his thoughts on the new OS. more..  for "more" use

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