March 19, 2003

Whether we like it or not we are surrounded by and covered with germs. Todd talks with author Nicholas Bakalar about our everyday interactions with microbes and the sometimes irrational fear people have of germs. Bakalar's book is called "Where the Germs Are: A Scientific Safari".

Lisa Ronis is a professional matchmaker in New York City. She talks with Todd about her career, her clientele, some of her success stories and how the role of matchmaker is important in a big city like New York.

Einstein's theory of relativity is one of the most rock solid theories in science. But what if Einstein was wrong? Todd talks with Joao Magueijo about his suggestion that the speed of light is NOT constant. Magueijo is the author of "Faster than the Speed of Light: The Story of a Scientific Speculation". He is a professor of Theoretical Physics at Imperial College in London.