March 18, 2003

Todd talks with our technology expert Heather Newman on some of the latest developments in technology. They discuss the new developments in video for cell phones and technological advancements in home and auto entertainment centers. They discuss the new developments in legal file sharing and MP3 players. Newman writes a technology column for the Detroit Free Press.

If you want your computer to compose music, program it to think like a bee, rather than Mozart. Todd talks with computer scientist and musician Tim Blackwell. He's developed new computer software to help musicians create improvisational music by using the biological models of bee "swarms".

The translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls has been completed. Todd talks with James VanderKam, one of the authors of "The Meaning of the Dead Scrolls". They discuss the discovery of the scrolls and how their meaning is significant for understanding the Bible, Judaism, Jesus and Christianity.

New studies show that sex, hormones and and genetics affect the brain's pain contol system. Todd speaks with Neuroscientist Jon-Kar Zubieta about what we know about pain and the brain and how that influences medical treatment. Zubieta is a neuroscientist and the University of Michigan.