March 16, 2001
With guest host Charity Nebbe.

King Richard the Third has been played by the greats Sir Lawrence Olivier, Ian Holme. Now a young actor named Aidan McArdle faces the challenge of being the youngest man ever to portray the vicious, club-footed, hunchback for the Royal Shakespeare Company. And, lucky for us, hes doing it in the United States. The Royal Shakespeare company is making a rare appearance in the Midwest. Aidan McArdle on today's show.

Participants in a new type of game take part in an elaborate game of hide and seek.  A "runner" hides and gives clues to his location on the Internet.  Alexander Skora developed the idea, and talks with Charity about the concept.

Getting people, especially younger people, excited about poetry is the goal of creative writing instructor Jeff Kass. Kass is coordinating the annual "National Youth Poetry Slam", a competition where high school students perform their original works in front of judges. He talks with Charity about the event, the kids who participate, and their writing.

Molly Raynor is a finalist in this year's "National Youth Poetry Slam".  She talks with Charity about how long she has been writing, her style, and she performs one of her poems.

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