March 14, 2003

with guest host Charity Nebbe

Lily Dale, New York, the oldest and largest community of spiritualists in the world, is populated solely by people who believe that the dead live among them. Christine Wicker tells Charity about Lily Dale and its inhabitants. Wicker is author of "Lily Dale: The true story of the town that talks to the dead".

Charity is joined by Brother Christopher, who is a Monk from New Skete Monastery in upstate New York. Brother Christopher tells Charity about their long history as dog trainers, and the methods that they have used. He also tells Charity about the spiritual benefits of having a dog. The Monks of New Skete have written several books about dog training including "How To Be Your Dog's Best Friend".

Charity talks to Sue Vertue, producer of the British hit television series "Coupling." "Coupling" has been called the British "Friends." It revolves around the lives of six thirty- somethings and their relationships. Charity and Sue discuss the show and what makes it unique. They also talk about the "Coupling" pilot being filmed by NBC and the challenges of adapting the sitcom for American television.