March 14, 2001
With guest host Charity Nebbe.

Breast-feeding beyond infancy is a controversial issue among medical professionals. Some groups urge mothers to wean their babies early, others contend that breast-feeding may continue into early childhood. Dr. Lawrence Gartner is Chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics' committee on breast-feeding, and talks with Charity about the research and issues that influence the debate.

Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge is home to migratory, threatened, and endangered bird species. The refuge is in Indian River County, Florida, and its directors want to urge the public to respect and enjoy the birds' natural habitat and assist in their survival. Refuge Manager Paul Tritaik talks with Charity about the area, the visitors, and the various birds.  Today the Refuge will celebrate its 98th birthday.

How do you feel when you're listening to a Bach harpsichord sonata? How about Eminem's latest screed? Music affects our mood, our emotions, and even our health, according to music therapist Charles Furman.  He tells Charity about how music can help people with medical problems by easing pain and speeding recovery. 

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