March 11, 2003

with guest host Charity Nebbe

One in twenty American women are natural blondes, but one in three dye their hair blonde. Charity is joined by Joanna Pitman to discuss our enduring fascination with blondes. They also discuss how blonde hair has been used to represent many things as varied as saintliness and sin. Pitman wrote "On Blondes".

Charity is joined by Stuart Davidson, metrologist from Britain's National Physical Laboratory, to dicuss the international prototype for the Kilogram. Davidson tells Charity why we still use this to define the Kilogram, and he also explains why it should be replaced.

Charity talks to Christopher Faraone, professor of classics at the University of Chicago. They discuss the prominence of witchcraft in Ancient times, and how recent findings indicate that the practice persisted into the late Roman Empire. Faraone also tells Charity about some of the recent archaeological evidence that indicates that professional witches cast spells for a price.