March 12, 2003

with guest host Charity Nebbe

How often is your laughter at someone rather than with someone? Charity discusses the serious side of laughter with author Frank Buckley. In his new book, Buckley tells us when we pay attention to what we laugh about, we see how laughter identifies a code of behaviour and provides a signal about how we should live. Buckley's book is called "The Morality of Laughter".

A new program at MIT's List Visual Arts Center has an unusual study practice. It allows students to take home original art pieces to hang on the walls of their dorms and apartments. Charity talks with Jane Farver about this program, how it works and the danger of damaging original artworks. Farver is the Director of MIT's List Visual Arts Center.

Charity talks with John Robinson about about "Quest" a city-planning computer game he developed which could be the future of urban planning. They discuss how this plan works and how computer games may turn virtual utopia into a reality. Robinson is a Geographer at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.