March 12, 2001
With guest host Charity Nebbe.

Sara Miles, freelance writer, talks with Charity about the growing role of politics in Silicon Valley.  She discusses what Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and Washington D.C. politicians want to achieve by sharing technology and ideas. Miles explains the economic and social issues and agendas that they agreed upon, and which ones caused friction.  Her book is "The Democrats And Silicon Valley: How To Hack A Party Line".

Knee injuries are common among athletes, and new research suggests that women are more prone to certain types of knee problem. Edward Wojtys is a professor of orthopedic surgery at the University of Michigan Medical School. He talks with Charity about how the structure of a woman's knees increases the likelihood that she'll tear a ligament, and the preventative and healing exercises that might help.

Poetry teacher and counselor Judith Tannenbaum tells Charity about her job teaching poetry to inmates at San Quentin, a then maximum security prison.  For four years she instructed the men in writing techniques, and in the process they learned about writing and analyzing poetry. Her memoir is "Disguised As A Poem: My Years Teaching Poetry At San Quentin".

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