March 8, 2001
Beck Weathers, climber, talks with Todd about his experience climbing Mt. Everest and nearly dying. He talks about mental and physical difficulties experienced at extreme elevation. He discusses the rescue mission which got him off the mountain, and how climbing  relieved his depression. He describes how this experience changed his life. His book is "Left For Dead: My Journey Home From Everest".

Bonnie Satchatello-Sawyer, researcher at the Museum Of The Rockies in Bozeman, Montana, talks with Todd about her study investigating what adults want in a museum experience. She talks about why interactive activities typically reserved for kids also interest adults.

Lyall Watson, naturalist and author, talks with Todd about the use and purpose of Jacobson's Organ. He describes where this organ is in the nose, and how animals use it to detect danger, in mating, and to mark territory. He talks about aromatherapy,
how cosmetic surgery affects smell, and how we use this organ to recognize others within our species. His book is "Jacobson's Organ, And The Remarkable Nature Of Smell".

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