March 7, 2003

According to studies at the University of Connecticut, people can discern the shape of an object by hearing the sound it makes when it's struck. The vibrations of different shaped objects vary, says Andrew Kunkler-Peck, an experimental psychologist who worked on the project. He suggests that we know what different shapes "sound" like.

The Mona Lisa has become more than just a painting in modern culture. The image is used in advertising, and appears on T-shirts and ashtrays. Donald Sassoon, professor of history at Queen Mary College of the University of London, talks with Todd about how the Mona Lisa became an icon in popular culture, and what meaning the painting now evokes. Sassoon's book is "Becoming Mona Lisa: The Making of a Global Icon".

The concept of Speed Dating has been trademarked by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo. He talks with Todd about the procedure, in which singles talk to each other for exactly seven minutes, then move on to the next person in line. After each meeting, they decide which candidates they liked. Deyo discusses the success rate of the relationships that begin this way.

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