March 5, 2003

Todd talks with medical journalist Robert Whitaker about the history of health care for the mentally ill in the United States. He discusses the lack of funding for adequate study and treatment of mental disorders, and the suffering this shortfall has caused generations of schizophrenics. His book is "Mad in America: Bad Science, Bad Medicine and the Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill".

Todd is joined by Dr. Jack Rodenburg, a dairy systems and behavioral specialist at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, to explore "Robotic Milking" systems. He explains that several farms are now training their cows to walk up to a robot that will attach its machinations to the cow's udders and milk it.

Author Daniel Harris joins Todd to discuss his latest book, "A Memoir of No One in Particular". He explains how he sought to break from the tired autobiography formula by writing a daily account of the mundane details of an ordinary life. By looking at his own routines, he tries to shed light on the banality of our everyday lives.

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