February 27, 2001

The bank is your friend.  When you need money, itís more than happy to offer you a credit card. And when you reach your limit, you can get another one. And another. And another. Pretty soon the bank will even give you a second mortgage on your house! The giving just never ends.  Economic socialist Robert Manning talks with Todd about debt overhang, our credit card nation, and your friend the bank.  His book is "Credit Card Nation:  The Consequences of America's Addiction To Credit".

A group in California is harnessing the power from PC's in people's homes to use in AIDS research.  Users allow AIDS researchers at Scripps Research Institute to use their computer's unused processing power for developing and testing drugs to combat AIDS. Todd talks with Arthur Olson, director of the Molecular Graphics Laboratory at Scripps. More information is available at "www.fightaidsathome.com".

Bob Grove, "Forbes ASAP" magazine writer, talks with Todd about dot-coms using volunteers as regular workers, and the controversy surrounding the issue. He discusses the American Online suit, and how he investigated the dispute for the magazine. Problems arise when companies use volunteers to make a profit, or call them "nonemployees" to avoid distributing benefits.

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