February 26, 2003

The Human Desire Project tells us what we really want and it isn't as simple as houses, cars and gizmos anymore. Melinda Davis tells us, today there are too many goods chasing too few customers and the most desirable ways to reach consumers is to connect in a deeper, more meaningful way. Todd talks with Davis about The Human Desire Project and how today's marketing strategies may be a thing of the past. Davis is the founder of the Project and the CEO of the Next Group.

Richard Evershed and his colleagues from the University of Bristol have discovered evidence that people were eating dairy as long as 6,000 years ago. Todd talks with Evershed about this discovery.

These days if you think you're hip, you're not: you're deck. It's one of the new adjectives for cool that's found in author Robert Lanham's new book, "The Hipster Handbook", a satirical look at the world of the "Hipster". Lanham talks with Todd about what it means to be a Hipster and the surprising lenghths people will go to be cool.