February 25, 2003

Todd talks with Barbara Freese about the history of coal. They discuss the role that coal has played in the modern world, and how it continues to impact our lives today. Freese tells Todd about dangers that the miners faced, and the community they formed. Freese tells Todd more about the history of coal, and how it affected cities around the world. Freese is author of "Coal, A Human History".

Dr. Kenneth Hay from the University of Georgia joins Todd to discuss the "Virtual Gorilla" Project. Hay tells Todd about the computerized educational tool, which is used to help students become familiar with using the scientific method. Hay is from the National Science Foundation project, who partly funded the "Virtual Gorilla" project.

The show's travel advisor, Joe Brancatelli, talks with Todd about new fuel surcharges. Brancatelli and Todd discuss the potential for the big six airlines to go bankrupt, and the business-model of low cost carriers. He also gives Todd some laptop tips for the business traveler.

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