February 23, 2001
He's been called the most arrogant man in the world, with a streak of hubris that'd make Achilles blush. Even after the federal judge ruled against him, Bill Gates hasn't changed his business practices a whit. Is his fall around the corner? New Yorker media columnist Ken Auletta personally knows all the players in this drama.  His book is "World War 3.0: Microsoft and Its Enemies".

A company called "NextBus Information Services" has devised a way to tell people when their bus will arrive at their stop. The information is sent to cell phones, pagers, or hand-held planners. Ken Schmier founder of Nextbus, talks with Todd about the concept and the public's reaction.

For people scared of spiders or heights, an effective treatment often involves an increase in exposure to what causes the phobia. That can be easily done using virtual reality, according to Milton Huang, a lecturer at the University of Michigan Medical School. Huang describes the virtual reality center at the University, and how treatments of phobias are conducted within the room.

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