February 21, 2003

Methods for solving crime have changed and improved over time. In the 19th Century, the now fundamental technique of using fingerprints was a mystery. This changed in 1905, as writer Colin Beavan explains to Todd. Beavan talks about the history of fingerprinting, the murder scene that made fingerprinting famous, and how we use it today. His book is "Fingerprints: The Origins of Crime Detection and the Murder Case That Launched Forensic Science".

Todd is joined by Kim Hyatt from the Salt Lake Astronomical Society. Hyatt tells Todd how he and other amateur scientists from the society will be dropping bowling balls out of planes to simulate meteorite impacts. He explains why this may be the best way to find out what happens to real meteorites as they hit the Earth.

Film reviewer Tim Dugdale returns to talk with Todd about what's coming to the box office. He discusses "The Quiet American" and "The Life of David Gale". Dugdale reviews films for Detroit's "Metro Times".

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