February 20, 2001
John Brockman, editor of the online publication, "The Edge", talks with Todd about the question he's posted on the site this year, and the creative responses he's received from people around the world. Brockman and a group of authors and scholars convene each year to come up with a question to post. This year they convened on the Internet instead of in person. He discusses the list of topics they browse before they make their final decision. 

The world's languages are decreasing in number.  Suzanne Romaine, Merton Professor of English Language at the University of Oxford, explains how this affects native cultures, and what it ways about the modern world. She discusses why the survival of native lands and endangered rainforests depend upon the knowledge and understanding of the tribal people who live there.  Her book is "Vanishing Voices : The Extinction of the World's Languages".

You - yes YOU - can now be the proud owner of a custom-built, one of a kind Frank Lloyd Wright home... provided you can pay for it. This thanks to a cache of blueprints recently made available by the late architect's old firm. Hundreds of homes as yet un-built, now being marketed by Taliesin Architects, and we'll hear about it from Arnold Roy, program administrator at Taliesin Architects.

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