February 19, 2003

Psychologist Robert Lemelson talks with Todd about how culture affects mental illness. He talks about how people from different regions perceive mental illness differently, and prescribe treatments based on their beliefs. He tells Todd about the western practice of medicating patients, and other rituals used across the world.

Sometimes it seems to take forever to download information from your computer. Todd talks with Hal Bowman who has written a book about how to fill the agonising seconds as you wait for your computer to finish the task. Bowman's new book is called "Computer Waiting Games: Things to Do While Downloading, Processing and Crashing."

Paleocuisineology is the study of history through food. Todd is joined by author Mary Gunderson who has written about the food that was eaten during the Lewis and Clark Expedition. They talk about how the food they ate played an important role during the Expedition and how she has re-created the recipes in her new book. Her new book is "The Food Journal of Lewis and Clark: Recipes for an Expedition".

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