February 19, 2001
The Second City Comedy Theater was founded in Chicago in 1959. It quickly became a training ground for many of the finest young comedians in the United States. Sheldon Patinkin was one of the first directors of Second City and he talks with Todd about the early days of the theater.  Sheldon Patinkin has written "The Second City: Backstage at the World's Greatest Comedy Theater."

With the International Space Station nearing completion many scientists are studying the possible ramifications of long term stays in space. Dr. Alan Hargens talks to Todd about the research he's doing with sets of identical twins to find ways for astronauts to maintain muscle mass under weightless conditions.

A court ruled last week that Napster, a popular file sharing service, will have to put a stop to the trading of copyrighted files on its server. Tom Weber, technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal, talks to Todd about the future of Napster and the alternative file sharing systems already available online.

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