February 14, 2001
In 1939, radio station WJSV recorded a typical broadcast day. By listening to the audio now, we get a perspective of what radio was like then, and also an idea of what life was like 60 years ago. A Minnesota company called "Greatapes" has recorded the audio onto cassette, and their CEO, Jim Woelem, talks with Todd today about what the audio archives can teach us about the history of radio as well as social issues of the time.

The Necco conversation heart candies are especially popular on Valentine's day. Todd talks with company spokesman Walter Marshall about the production of the candies and how they are still popular today, over 100 years after their introduction.

The Internet is an important communications tool, but it's often difficult to hold effective staff meetings in cyberspace. A program "Vroom", developed by David Johnson, should change that.  The software allows colleagues to convene online, exchange ideas, and see how a proposal is coming.  Johnson hopes "Vroom" will make online business meetings more productive.

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